State v Jovan Pecina 21CR385

State v Jovan Pecina

Case Number: 21CR385

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Ruth Wheeler
District Court Administrator

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Supreme Court Rule 1001 (Media Coverage of Judicial Proceedings)
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Presiding Judge

District Judge Jeffry J Larson
Courtroom 2

Prosecuting Attorney

Amy L Aranda, 1st Assistant Lyon County Attorney
Laura L Miser, Assistant Lyon County Attorney

Defense Attorney

Jason W Belveal

Next Hearing Dates

August 17, 2022 at 4:00 pm Final Pretrial courtroom 2

August 22 to September 9, 2022 Jury Trial in courtroom 2

Court Documents

In the Matter of Jovan Pecina 2021JV39
08-19-2021 - Complaint
08-20-2021 - Motion to Authorize Prosecution as an Adult
08-20-2021 - Order Appointing Counsel J Belveal
08-23-2021 - Journal Entry of Bond Hearing
09-21-2021 - Journal Entry of Hearing on Motion to Authorize Prosecution as an Adult
09-23-2021 - Order to Dismiss 2021JV39

State v Jovan Pecina 2021CR385
09-22-2021 - Complaint
09-27-2021 - Journal Entry First Appearance
11-17-2021 - Journal Entry of Preliminary Hearing
01-21-2022 - Journal Entry of Pretrial Felony Arraignment