I’m summoned and need to appear today; however, I woke up sick…will I get in trouble if I can’t make it?

Category: Juror Infomation

If you wake up sick the day you are to appear as a prospective juror please call the Clerk of the District Court at 8:00 a.m., ahead of the summoned time. We do not want to you come for jury service if you are truly ill; however, we do need to know so we can excuse you, if needed, and send a summons for a later date. (Remember a juror needs to be available two times or appear once before their service is complete for at least one year.)rnrnIf you are summoned in Lyon County call 620-341-3280 or 620-341-3283.rnrnIf you are summoned in Chase County call 620-273-6319.