Since I turned in my questionnaire I have added vacation dates and the summons I received is during my vacation. Do I have to cancel my trip for jury service?

Category: Juror Infomation

If the prospective juror has a situation making it difficult to serve during a given time, it is the responsibility of that juror to contact the Clerk of the District Court. A request to be excused from a summoned date should be considered denied unless a written communication granting the request is received from the court. Written requests should be submitted to Lyon County District Court. We realize situations occur that can make it difficult to serve during a summoned date. When possible, we make an effort to work with our jurors. If notified in advance of dates involving vacation, medical, or business trips, etc., we make every effort to not use that person during the given time-frame. However, keep in mind, jurors must be available two times or appear once as summoned before service is complete for at least one year. Jury Service is the duty of all citizens, including employers and employees. Employers must not reprimand you for jury service. If needed, district court will provide documentation of your attendance for your employer. At the end of your jury service an Employer Excuse for Jury Duty-Time can be issued, upon request, by the Clerk of the District Court. This is only one excuse for the whole trial, given at the end of the trial, not one for each day.rnrnIf you are summoned in Lyon County call 620-341-3280 or 620-341-3283. you are summoned in Chase County call 620-273-6319.