Will I be paid and if so, how much?

Category: Juror Infomation

At the time you appear for jury service a Certificate of Jury Service will be given to you. It will need to be completed and turned in to the district court at the end of your service. Payment for jury service is $10.00 for the first day and $40.00 for any additional days. Jurors that live outside the city limits can also include one round trip per day and the total miles will be figured at the state rate. Payment will be mailed to you following your jury service. Reimbursement is made by the county 4-5 weeks later. (This will be explained in detail at the time you are summoned.)rnrnPlease note that it is your responsibility to know your employer’s policy in regard to Jury Service reimbursement. Some employers request that the jury service payment go to their business, other employers say that it is ok for the juror/employee to receive the payment, and a few employers request that neither the employer nor the juror/employee receive the Jury Service payment. This is separate from any mileage that the juror may be entitled to.